Who Writes PostWordem?

I am an avid writer, editor, reader, and lover of all things literary, blogging away under the moniker Jaci. I have a degree in Literature and have been a bookworm since the moment I learned how to read. I will read pretty much anything, but I tend to prefer contemporary, classic, or literary fiction, with a splash of the surreal and supernatural from time to time. By day, I work as a marketing manager. In my spare time, I like learning new languages and travelling (whenever I’m not reading).


What is PostWordem?

Writers carefully select the words they choose, the scenes they insert, the items they include in order to illicit a certain response or to evoke a particular reaction within the readership. Often as readers, we read too quickly, perhaps because the novel is a page turner or because we are in a hurry to move on to the next part of our day. In our haste, we often push past or overlook the details and subtleties that authors strive to include in the text.

I am guilty of glossy reading; I have skimmed a passage that feels too detailed or words that fall outside my daily vocabulary. I don’t always pause to consider the meaning of a seemingly minor character or the actions that the character takes throughout the text that seem second, or third, to the plot. A character sits to eat a meal and we process the fact that there is a break in the action. But do we stop to consider the food the character is eating, and why the author chose to have the character stop in to that particular restaurant and have that specific menu item? Perhaps, even with deliberation, we will never know the author’s reasoning or motive behind such a choice. But there is merit in taking the time to stop and consider the choice.

PostWordem is a collection of book reviews, close readings, and an assortment of generally bookish things. The focus of this site is to slow down as a reader, take in the full text, and share insights that offer more complete interpretations of books. PostWordem is a postmortem look at the lasting impression of a book and what we can take from it moving forward, in both reading and in life. I certainly will not catch every detail, and opinions and interpretations are always subjective. Nevertheless, here are my thoughts on the texts that I have encountered and on the wonderful realm of reading.


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