Going Further: The Count of Monte Cristo

While reading The Count of Monte Cristo, and especially after I finished it, I could not get two questions out of my mind:

  • Where is Monte Cristo and can I go there?
  1. Is this in any way related to the sandwich?


So starting with the most important, I give you the Monte Cristo.

Image via DisneyFoodBlog.com

This epic sandwich is a conglomeration of greasy bread, cheese, ham, and in a few cases, fruity jams. I am proud to say that I have consumed one of these, many years ago, at the Blue Bayou restaurant in Disneyland (bonus points for being located Inside of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but I digress.)


Regarding the first question, the island of Monte Cristo is a real place. I can’t decide if this makes the story more or less exciting. There is lore surrounding the island and the pirate Red Beard. There is history of wealth and intrigue and monks and exclusivity. And Alexandre Dumas, it appears, had been to the island and was greatly inspired. Just looking at photos of the island, which you can apparently visit if you get a day visa from the Italian government, I feel like going on some kind of adventure.
In my research of islands and sandwiches, I came across a few more resources that I wanted to share.


Free Ebook: I am a major fan of Project Gutenberg. Here’s a link to the free ebook version of The Count of Monte Cristo (hopefully unabridged, of course). Get the book

Health & Science: I did not expect to find an abstract from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine which looks into the ailments that afflicted several characters from The Count of Monte Cristo. Wondering what Abbé Faris suffered from? Read about cerebrovascular disease in a literary context

Anime: What topic hasn’t been addressed by or treated in some manga or anime? The Count of Monte Cristo is no exception (albeit it is very loose transformation of the tale). Anime reimagining

Guardian Books Review: Here’s a brief look at the novel’s themes and viability as (gasp) a beach read. Book review



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