My Spooky Reads for 2013

Spooky Reads

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Okay, okay. I know it is a little early for spooky reads and candy corn and all things All Hallows Eve. But pumpkin ale is on the shelf. Pumpkin Spice Lattes abound (and they’re oh-so-good!). So if the retail world thinks it’s time to immerse me in fall flavors, I’m game for that and more.

Armed with all things pumpkin, I decided to get a jump on this year’s seasonal reads. I’m not usually a fan of uber-scary books. And I refuse to watch horror movies. (I like being able to sleep at night.) But for some unknown reason, I am able to handle (most) scary books. So I raided by personal stash and made up my reading list for October, which I promptly started on in September. My list for the next month or so includes:

  • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman – Considered a book for kids, this novel follows the tale of Nobody Owens, an orphaned boy raised by undead in a local graveyard.
  • Echoes from the Dead by Johan Theorin – A hauntingly written tale by a haunting Swedish author about a boy who is kidnapped and his mother’s quest for answers.
  • The Shining by Stephen King – A haunted hotel ripe with evil and a boy with psychic capabilities. While I’ve seen the film, I’m hopeful the book will be even better (and in time for the sequel due out next week).
  • Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindqvist – Local children murdered, a friendless boy seeking anything other than a bully, and a mysterious young girl who only comes out at night.
  • Carrie by Stephen King – I’ve never read this classic story about a young girl with a controlling mother and telekinetic abliities, but I want to put this in my Read pile before the new movie comes out.

I’m sure there are oodles of reading lists available with suggestions for fall, October, or Halloween reads (like Flavorwire’s Highbrow Halloween Reading List). But the latest lists for 2013 have yet to come out. Feel free to share what’s on your Must Read pile for this fall.

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